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Essay English for PMR < A Road Accident >

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Essay English for PMR < A Road Accident >

Post by ridwan on Thu Feb 04, 2010 4:24 pm

Our house is along a busy road.In front of or house is a wall which runs along the road. One night while we were watching TV we heard a loud crash. It sounded like an explosion. We quickly rushed out to have a look. We were shocked to see that two panels of the wall in front had collapsed in a pile. The road was in full view. We could see many cars slowing down and soon there was a traffic jam. We went to the road and saw a car had smashed into the wall.

The engine of the car was on the road. The driver was still in the car. Many people tried to get the driver out. Someone called the ambulance. Soon we heard the siren of a police car and after that an ambulance. A crowd soon gathered. The police tried to control the traffic but curious drivers slowed down to have a look at the accident. That made the traffic worse.

I heard people explaining what had happened. There were many different explanations. Some said that the driver was drunk, other said he was trying to avoid a cat and yet others said he was speeding and skidded. Whatever the reason i felt sorry for the driver. The ambulance took him to the hospital. No one knows whether he lived or died. There was nothing in the newspapers the next day.

*236 words*

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